10 of the most outrageously tasty chicken dishes that have ever been created

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Of all the tasty morsels that populate the animal kingdom, none is more versatile than the chicken. A walking sack of juicy protein, incapable of flight or other means of escape, the existence of gallus gallus domesticus is perhaps the most compelling argument that nature means us to eat meat. If God wanted us to all be vegetarian, he wouldn’t have made chicken so delicious and easy to catch. That it also produces another sort of food is just an added bonus.

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Thanks to chicken’s universal popularity, there are literally millions of fabulous recipes from all corners of the globe that showcase a different aspect to the world’s tastiest bird. Whether fried, roasted or curried, every culinary culture has their own way of making chicken yummy. When it comes to our own recipes, there are few ingredients that offer as many opportunities for experimentation and creativity. Though they may be slightly unorthodox, there’s little doubt that these chicken twists are incredibly tasty. From the slightly madcap minds of the Twisted kitchen, here are 10 of the most outrageously tasty chicken dishes that have ever been created.

1. Buffalo Chicken Popcorn Pasta

2. Giant Chicken Fajita Kebab

3. Hasselback Hunters Chicken

4. Tuscan Chicken Pasta Bake

5. Giant Bacon Wrapped Chicken Pesto Roll

6. BBQ Chicken Stuffed Crust Deep Dish Pizza

7. Sticky Honey Garlic Chicken

8. Buffalo Chicken Shooters

9. Cheese Stuffed Barbecue Fried Chicken

10. Crispy Spiral Garlic Butter Chicken

Because chicken is so adaptable, it gives chefs an opportunity to really express themselves. With every one of the recipes you’ve just seen, there is freedom to play with different elements, flavours and techniques. By using the above as inspiration, there’s no reason why you yourself couldn’t come up with your very own outrageously tasty chicken specialty.

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