7 discontinued McDonald's items that customers are seriously missing

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McDonald’s haven’t made it to the top of global fast food without making some difficult decisions. For all the Big Macs, McNuggets and other multi-million dollar ideas that have helped the business hit the big time, there are some beloved menu items that have had to be sacrificed along the way. This has not proved popular with every McDonald’s customer.

Maccies’ history is littered with food that, though it may have been tasty, ultimately failed to make a sizable impact on the fast food scene. The result is a slew of fan favourites that are, tragically, no longer with us. This, however, hasn’t stopped people from banging on about them. These are seven discontinued McDonald's items that people seriously miss.

McDonalds fries carton

1. Big ‘N’ Tasty

Brought in to take a bite out of a market dominated by Burger King’s “Whopper” burger, the “Big ‘N’ Tasty” combined a quarter pounder patty, pickles, onions, ketchup, mayo, lettuce and tomato. Despite strong sales overseas, American audiences were unwilling to move away from the Whopper, and so the Big ‘N’ Tasty was retired from American stores in 2013.

2. Chicken Selects

Another item that failed to break America despite success in foreign markets is the Chicken Select. A box of either three or five battered pieces of chicken breast served with a selection of dips would seem like a winner, but poor sales saw them discontinued state-side in 2013. Despite this, they continue to be a fan favourite in many other countries including the UK.

3. Supersized Menus

The 2004 documentary “Super Size Me” might have won worldwide recognition, but it was a death knell for one of McDonald’s most beloved menu staples. After Morgan Spurlock revealed the damage that could be done by a super size meal, criticism of the restaurant reached fever pitch, culminating in the removal of the option from their stores. It hasn’t been the same since.

4. Triple Double Burger

The name might not make a lot of sense, but there’s no doubting that the “Triple Double” was a serious proposition. Run as a promotion for the release of superhero film “Batman Forever”, this beast was built of three beef patties and two slices of cheese, hence it’s ridiculous name. Unfortunately, the two-faced powers that be at Maccies HQ took it off the menu in late 1995.

5. McLean Deluxe

We all wish we could indulge in fast food without the inevitable sense of shame that quickly follows. Amazingly, there was a time when such things were possible. 91% fat free, the McLean Deluxe could have been the beginning for a new age of healthier fast food options. Alas, soon after its release in 1991, people discovered that it contained, among other things, seaweed, and so stopped buying it.

6. Cheddar Melt

Even the most ardent fans of American cheese would struggle to argue that it tastes of anything. This was  a situation that Maccies “Cheddar Melt” set out to rectify, with little success. Featuring beef, onions and cheddar cheese sauce, the sandwich has appeared a few times since its debut in 1988, but seems to have little staying power with the public.

7. Szechuan Sauce

As made famous by Rick and Morty, “Szechuan Sauce” is the holy grail of discontinued McDonald’s menu items. Created to promote Disney’s “Mulan”, the sauce spawned legions of dedicated admirers, all of whom went berserk when the sauce left stores in 1998. Rumours of a limited return have been met with wild enthusiasm around the world.

Of course, even without these cult classics, the McDonald’s menu is still pretty awesome. That being said, we can’t help but imagine how great it would be if some of these had managed to stick around just a little longer.