7 foods that have caused some seriously surprising injuries

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Cooking can be a dangerous game. It might look easy when you watch the pros effortlessly hack apart a pig carcass or flambee a shrimp, but where there’s fire, hot oil and pointy metal, accidents will happen. Put enough angry people in a small room with a readily available supply of sharp objects and the results can be explosive.

Every chef quickly learns that there are some things in the kitchen that require respect. One false move with a meat cleaver and it could be curtains for your career as a hand model. Unfortunately, however, taking extra care with the more obviously hazardous implements can cause you to forget the other hidden dangers all around you. As we shall see, this can have some shocking consequences. Here are seven foods that have caused some seriously surprising injuries.

ambulances Credit: Pixabay/AKuptsova

1. Avocados

They might be a millennial’s best friend, but behind their soft green exterior lies a hidden darkness. Ever since we all decided that avocado toast was the only way to face the misery of never being able to afford our own house, cases of  “avocado hand” have skyrocketed. The condition is typically contracted from shoddy attempts to remove the pit, or score the flesh whilst still holding the fruit in your hand. Needless to say, slips can be prove costly.

avocado hand Credit: Pixabay/coyot

2. Bagels

Maybe it’s because most people eat them in the midst of an early morning stupor, but bagel slicing can be one of the most dangerous jobs in the kitchen. According to New York Bagels, accidents occur every day when cooks attempt to slice straight through their favourite breakfast staple, only to have the blade slip and sink itself into their flesh. It’s well worth taking extra care next time you have a hankering for salmon and cream cheese.

bagel Credit: Pixabay/dawnfu

3. Burger Patties

They might be the ultimate backyard comfort food, but burger patties can pack a punch. Many make the mistake of buying a stack of frozen meat, only to end up in A&E after a knife slips as you try to hack the separate sliders apart. The danger doesn’t pass once the meat is defrosted. Every year, cooked burgers put patients in hospital through burning and choking, making barbecues more lethal than you ever thought possible.

burgers on a plate Credit: Pixabay/dancepool

4. Canned Foods

Anyone who’s ever run their finger along the jagged edge of a recently opened tin of beans knows that canned foods can be razor sharp. According to a study from The University of Nottingham, a whopping 17,671 people require hospital treatment every years after injuring themselves on a tin. If ever you needed an excuse to lay off baked beans, this is surely it.

5. Cinnamon

2013’s viral “cinnamon challenge” might have been one of the funniest things on the internet, but it was far from being a harmless exercise in stupidity. In the immediate aftermath of the challenge, Forbes magazine reported that patients were arriving experiencing "choking, respiratory failure, and collapsed lungs, along with possible development of so called 'reactive airways' or wheezing after exposure to the cinnamon powder." Maybe it wasn’t so funny after all.

6. Energy Drinks

It isn’t just packaging that can cause problems for customers. In the case of energy drinks, it’s what’s in the can that matters most. A study from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration found that “energy drink-related (hospital) visits rose from 10,068 in 2007 to 20,783 in 2011”, with patients experiencing scary symptoms such as tremors, heart palpitations and muscle spasms.

7. Whipped Cream

There aren’t many things more joyful than spraying a can of cream straight into your face with no regard whatsoever for anyone who might be watching. But, as fun as whipped cream can be, there is also a dark side. There are several cases where the pressurized canisters used to squirt the substance have exploded, injuring and even killing customers along the way. It might be delicious, but cream can also be deadly.

If this collection of tales tells us anything, it’s that there ultimately aren’t any corners of the kitchen where you can truly relax. Even if you think you’re safe, eating a hamburger or sipping a Red Bull, disaster could be waiting to strike. Stay vigilant. You never know what could be coming for you next.