7 things in the kitchen you're all using completely wrong

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Kitchens can be confusing. If there’s another room in the house that’s more full of weirdly shaped, oddly technical and potentially dangerous gadgets, then we’re yet to find it. Open up some kitchen cupboards and you might find more tech than you would at a computer science convention. Whatever happened to cooking meat on a stick??

It’s no wonder, then, that with so many potential pitfalls, there are literally dozens of everyday kitchen items that we can’t seem to get right. Fortunately, help is at hand. A quick read through this list, and your kitchen should feel a whole lot less confusing. Here are seven things in the kitchen you're all using completely wrong

Kitchen Credit: Pixabay/StockSnap

1. Blender

Once you’ve figured out how to plug it in, you might think that blenders are pretty simple to operate. You would, of course, be mistaken. According to blender experts Vitamix, there is actually a correct order to load your blender, before you switch it on. Apparently, liquids should go in first, followed by powders, leaves, fruits and finally solids, in order to ensure that the blades can get up to speed unimpeded.

2. Dishwasher

With umpteen settings, strange looking symbols and a worrying mixture of water and electricity, the dishwasher is a disaster waiting to happen. Aside from the occasional inevitable malfunction however, there are a few even more obvious things we all keep getting wrong. One useful tip is to load up carb encrusted cookware face down in the centre of the bottom shelf, rather than on the middle rack or on its side, so that it gets the full face of the water.

dishwasher Credit: Pixabay/onlynoodle

3. Garlic Press

No one likes peeling garlic. It’s smelly, fiddly work that can irritate even the calmest cook. Thank goodness that there’s another way. Avoid minutes of picking by adding your cloves whole to the garlic press - the garlic will be forced out, leaving the skin behind.

garlic in a press Credit: Pixabay/Counselling

4. Microwave

Another high tech pain in the backside, microwaves never seem to follow any sort of operational rulebook. This can make cooking with them extremely tricky. In order to use any microwave correctly, you must make sure you know the wattage at which it operates, as this will dictates the speed at which your food cooks.

5. Potato Peeler

We’ve all wasted precious minutes trying to slice off nobbly bits of a potato with the side of the peeler. As it turns out, we’ve all been going wrong for years. The sharp, pointy end of a peeler is actually explicitly designed for coring and removing any undesirable sections from the skin. Say goodbye to pointless slicing.

potato peeler Credit: Pixabay/Silberfuchs

6. Saucepan

As useful as the hole in the handle of a saucepan is for hanging and stacking, it actually has another, much more practical purpose. According to bestlifeonline, the true use for the hole is as a receptacle for sauce spoons, which saves you from having to rest it on a probably grotty counter.

7. Spaghetti Spoon

Another kitchen tool with a hidden use beyond the obvious is the humble spaghetti spoon. Though you might think that the massive hole in the bottom is best used for letting any excess water drain from whatever pasta you have managed to scoop up, numerous bloggers and online experts have pointed out that it is actually ideal for measuring spaghetti portion sizes. Simply slide your pasta into the hole to work out how much each person should get.

There will always be something new and confusing waiting to surprise you in the kitchen. This is unavoidable. Hopefully, however, the contents of this list will make your next cooking venture slightly less frustrating and much easier to stomach.