9 Amazing BBQ Hacks

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Use an egg box to start your BBQ

  1. Take the eggs out of the egg box and fill with small coals.
  2. Place in your BBQ and light the corners - watch as your box goes up in flames! Add more coals and leave

Banana S'mores

  1. Peel the bananas and split almost in half lengthways.
  2. Take a square of foil and bring it up around the banana to keep it upright.
  3. Stuff with chocolate chips and marshmallows.
  4. Place over coals (you want them to have died down considerably by this point - alternatively use a heat diffusing plate).
  5. Close the lid and eat when hot and molten.

Speedy Kebabs

  1. Stick wooden skewers through a line of chicken fillets to create instant kebabs!

Use lemon slices to stop fish sticking

  1. Take the lemons and place them on the grill.
  2. Place the salmon on top and watch how it doesn't stick to the grill. Fabulous!

Hot brick cooks food through quicker

  1. Take foil. Wrap brick.
  2. Heat it up over the grill until it's piping hot then use it on top of chicken breasts/meat to help it cook through more quickly!

Cold butter stops burgers from drying out

  1. Cut butter into large cubes and place on the burgers while cooking to keep them moist.

BBQ rub in a bag prevents mess

  1. Place rub in bag along with wings. Shake!

DIY kebabs

  1. Cut a bottle in half and fill the end with the lid with mince. Turn the bottom over and use it to press the mince out of the other end in a perfect kebab shape. Use a stick to guide the mince out and give it something to hold on to.

An onion makes a perfect grill cleaner

  1. Cut an onion in half and use it to clean the grill!

Cook brownies on the grill

  1. Place the brownie mix in a well oiled skillet/ovenproof dish. Close the lid and check after 10 mins to see how they are doing.