A design your own doughnut shop is coming to London

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Doughnuts have come a long way since the days of icing and sprinkles. Nowadays, there isn’t a sweet treat under the sun that can’t be stuffed, glazed or turned into a pillowy soft pastry ring. Even with everything else that’s going on, 2020 is still a pretty good time to be a doughnut lover. 

Anyone who has ever visited a modern doughnut maker knows that there’s no shortage of imaginative flavour combinations. But, for those who feel that preprepared OTT treats just don’t deliver everything they want from a dessert, there is now a delicious alternative. Say hello to London’s new design-your-own doughnut shop. 

First launched in 2018, Treats Club And Dessert Bar is a sweet venture that puts sugar-lovers in control. Originally established as a pop-up, the street patisserie service specialises in allowing customers to craft their own desserts - however whacky they might sound. As the “About” section of their site explains:

“Female owned, female led and run by black girl magic, our dessert bar aims to bring joy with every bite and wonder with every flavour.”

Try our incredible "Night & Day" Cookies and Cream Doughnuts:

As you’d expect, the Treats Club menu is complete with all sorts of exciting customisable options, with base flavours including Biscoff, vanilla and Nutella, to name just a few. According to an announcement on the brand’s Instagram page, the new permanent store will feature:

“MEGA hot donuts ? + hot donut sundaes, DELISH ice cream bars ?, THE BADDEST shakes ? and even a secret menu of make your own custom treats that I know you’ll loooooove! All topped off with our gourmet homemade marshmallow fluff ☁️.”

Excitingly for East Londoners, the site is set to open at the end of the month at Hackney’s Netil market. However, if for any reason you can’t make it all the way to E8, Treats Club also offers boxes of customisable doughnuts for delivery, complete with “Funfetti sprinkles” and “Oreo crunch”. Excuse us while we spend the rest of the day fantasising over different doughnut designs.