A fish and chip restaurant is selling a 2ft-long pig in a blanket

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Christmas is an excuse for every restaurant in the country to really let rip. At no other time of year can you legitimately destroy a 5,000 calorie plate and be disappointed when your host doesn’t immediately offer you a cheeseboard. Small wonder that it’s the season for crazy cookery. 

Given that they have a license to do whatever they like, it’s unsurprising that chefs everywhere have come up with too many mad festive dishes to count. However, despite the dozens of eateries intent on roasting, battering or deep-frying everything in sight, there are still some that stand head and shoulders above the rest. Yorkshire-based chippie “Papa’s” is one of them.

The restaurant, which has branches in Cleethorpes, Hull, Scarborough, and York, has the distinction of being both “Britain’s Best Fish and Chips” - according to the BBC - and operating the “World’s Largest Fish and Chip Shop”. Clearly, they’re not lacking in pedigree. But, apparently not content to rest on their impressive laurels, Papa’s has decided to push the boat out even further this Christmas with a giant pig in a blanket that comes in its own wrapping paper. 

Affectionately known as the “Hog in a Duvet”, the dish features a “2ft sausage wrapped in bacon” which is then dunked in the restaurant’s “secret batter” and “fried until golden brown”, according to a video posted on the Papa’s Instagram page. 

Though the restaurant claims that the resulting monstrosity is “the world’s largest battered pig in a blanket”, there are plenty who would disagree. Also available for discerning Aldi shoppers is the store’s enormous six-foot spiral pig in blanket, while this year’s Taste of London festival saw the creation of the two-metre “Notorious P.I.B”. 

Check out the Notorious P.I.B arriving at Taste of London:

Though the hog is obviously a beast, this is one case where size isn’t everything. According to a Papa’s post on Instagram, “All proceeds (will go) to Cash for Kids”, a children’s charity that operates across the UK. As a metaphor for a time of year where personal greed is juxtaposed against generosity, the Hog in a Duvet really couldn’t be more apt.