A London fish and chip shop is serving fried Quality Street chocolates for Christmas

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While it’s difficult to deep fry anything and not end up with something delicious, some ingredients are ultimately more appropriate than others. Everyone knows that chicken and potatoes, plus hot oil is a match made in heaven. A bag of Skittles or a jar of mayonnaise, on the other hand, might be best enjoyed as nature indented - apart. However, the varied results of deep-frying haven’t prevented generations of cooks from having a play to see what they can come up with. 

Famous British fast-food retailer Poppie’s has built a name for itself through straightforward classic fish cookery. Serving its signature beer-battered seafood alongside portions of fluffy chips, mushy peas and curry sauce, the Poppie’s menu is normally an uncomplicated, simply delicious affair. But after presumably becoming bored with battering the same old dead-eyed cod every day, the restaurant has decided to incorporate a rogue chocolatey element into its Christmas a la carte. The results are certain to divide opinion. 

Between now and December 25th, the restaurant will offer customers the chance to try a deep-fried Quality Street lucky dip. The chocolates, which have formed an integral part of festive British menus for years, combine milk chocolate with various whacky fillings, providing an element of pot luck to any post-dinner snacking. Needless to say, combining them with beer batter adds an extra dimension into the equation. 

The Soho branch of the chain will be serving up “lucky dip” boxes of five fried Quality Streets for £2.50. According to a report in Metro, they will even be “keeping a tally of the most popular flavours,” with a view to making any clear favourites a permanent feature on the menu. 

In order to provide some assistance to hesitant diners, the restaurant staff have come up with a preliminary ranking for their own preferences. The list, which goes from best to worst, is as follows:

“Toffee Finger; The Purple One; Chocolate Caramel Brownie; Strawberry Delight; Toffee Penny; Orange Crème; The Green Triangle; Fudge; Orange Chocolate Crunch; Milk Choc Block; Caramel Swirl; Coconut Eclair.”

Even though the idea of fried chocolate after all that turkey might sound hideous to some, there’s no doubt that the prospect of a crispy gooey Toffee Finger seems intriguing.