A true genius has figured out how to make wine in an Instant Pot

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One man -  a true genius in my book - has taken to Facebook to share his technique for making wine in an Instant Pot. Yes, you read correctly: wine.

"What if I told you that you can make wine in your Instant Pot? Cause I TOTALLY did it!!" David Murphy, an ambitious food blogger, writes.

He also formulated a detailed set of instructions for making the wine, which are available on his website.

Relive one of Sophie Turner's most epic moments of 2019: chugging a whole glass of wine at a hockey game:

Inspired by a meme that reads, "Why hasn't someone figured out how to put grapes in the crockpot and have it turned into wine. It's like no one tries anymore" - Murphy decided to do just that - only with grape juice rather than actual grapes. And what's more, it totally worked!

"I used to laugh every time I saw this [meme] because I wanted it to be so true," he writes. "Well, I kind of figured out how to make instant pot wine, but out of grape juice…not grapes. So I’m pretty close enough lol!"

So, without further ado, here's how to make wine in an Instant Pot, according to Murphy:

Firstly, he recommends sanitizing your Instant Pot which involves using bleach and hot water.

When that's done, ensure you have all the ingredients you need for the beverage. These include:

  • Welch’s Grape Juice (64oz bottle)
  • 1 cup of sugar (granulated)
  • a funnel
  • 1 packet Lalvin Red Wine Yeast (They also have White Wine Yeast) *Just use 1/2 a pack*
  • Instant Pot with Yogurt Function (I have a 6qt DUO Plus IP)
  • Clear Packing Tape

When you have everything you need, Murphy explains that you should "open your bottle of juice and remove 1 cup of juice from it and set to the side."

"Once this is done, use your funnel and add 1 cup of sugar to your bottle of juice," he continues. "Place the plastic cap on it somewhat tightly and shake vigorously to help try to dissolve most of the sugar. This will take about 1 -2 minutes."

To access the full instructions on how to make wine using an Instant Pot, click HERE.

This article originally appeared on VT.co