Aldi is launching sangria kits made for red or white wine

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Summer is just around the corner, and that means we're going to be spending a lot more of our free time outside and in the hot sun. In turn, this also means having a barbecue in the garden with a glass of Pimms, enjoying the local pub garden with a pint of cider, and camping out at music festivals with a crate of 24 warm Fosters.

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But wait! Because there is a new alcoholic beverage in town - and not only will it put all the usual summer drinking habits to shame, but it's available from everybody's favourite supermarket: Aldi.

Sangria has always been a popular summer staple - but all the preparation that goes into this Spanish delight is just too much effort. When the sun is shining, I'm hardly going to waste my time chopping all that fruit to make the perfect punch!

Aldi's sangria kits. Credit: Aldi

Well, now there's no need to worry - because Aldi is releasing frozen sangria kits at the start of June! What's more, they've made kits for both red and white wine, depending on which you prefer (I'll be having both!)

The white blend comes with a mix of oranges, strawberries, pineapple, and green apples, and the red blend features oranges, dark sweet cherries, tart cherries, and blackberries.

From one wine lover to another, Sansa Stark knows how to see it off!

Each kit comes with a pound of pre-cut fruit ready to be thrown into the punch bowl or pitcher - and is an absolute bargain at $3.49 per bag.

It sounds so good, I might just have to stock up for the winter months, too.

Aldi's boxed wine. Credit: Aldi

Oh, and on June 26th, Aldi is launching their Casa Sangrioso Sangria Rosé boxed wines! Each box contains three litres of wine (about four regular-size bottles) and costs just $9.99!

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