Aldi is releasing a fire pit that doubles as a BBQ for just £24.99

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Summer is here and, if the rain holds off long enough for you to enjoy your backyard, you're going to need this Gardenline fire pit that doubles as a BBQ grill.

Aldi is releasing this two-in-one for just £24.99 to help you spice up your patio or garden for a nice summer grill out with your family, followed by a night under the stars - if the clouds part for long enough - with your best friends.

This BBQ will feed the hungriest of your dinner guests with a roomy slated grill, awaiting hot dogs and summer vegetables. When meal time has finished, pop back on the mesh spark guard and let your fire rage, warming your guests and your backyard. This fire pit will keep you warm in the evening as the heat of the day wears off. It's the perfect patio centrepiece to gather around, covered in blankets while you hand out s'mores to your friends.

Aldi's new BBQ/Firepit Credit: Aldi

The item's description on the official Aldi website reads:

"Breathe new life into your outdoor areas with fabulous items like this Gardenline fire pit. The perfect way to create a delightful summer garden scene while keeping you warm and snuggly on chilly evenings, this fire pit is a great way to add contemporary style to your garden. Get ready for garden parties and BBQ's that are so good they carry on long into the evening with this stylish and useful piece."

Aldi's new BBQ/Firepit in use. Credit: Aldi

The fire pit's warm light will make your garden look put-together too. It's made from shiny black steel (which sounds like it should be a heavy metal band name) and can fit in any corner of your patio with its approximate 60.5 x 60.5 cm x 42 cm dimensions. Its steel legs provide a sturdy support for your backyard flames, so you know there won't be any accidents.

Two chromed grill handles makes the grill easy to move without burning yourself. But don't move it into any enclosed spaces (due to the obvious dangers). You'll want it outside to show off to your guests anyway. The fire pit can be used with untreated wood or charcoal to start the fire and get the party started.

A look at Aldi's new BBQ/Firepit. Credit: Getty

While you can pre-order this Gardenline fire pit and BBQ right now, Aldi stores are releasing this special deal in-store on June 23, so you'll have to hold off on your extravagant backyard parties until then. If you order your new BBQ accessory online, you can get free standard delivery. And the fire pit has a warranty period of 36 days, so you know it'll last you for many summers to come. So what are you waiting for? Get grilling.