Aldi is selling a gazebo with a bar that's perfect for summer parties

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Ladies and gentlemen, summer's on its way. In fact, you could say it's pretty much here (but not in the UK, where the rain just won't stop). So, as you're hanging out in your garden over the next couple of months, odds are it's going to get pretty warm and bright out there.

When the barbecue's cookin' and the drinks are pouring as the heat beats down, where will you take shelter from the sun? After all, you must protect yourself from the sun - so why not just head back inside?

Inside? Ha ha ha, don't make me laugh.

Aldi Credit: Getty

Instead, it's time to turn (once again) to Aldi, who are proving themselves to be the kings of summer this time around. Just in case you can peel yourself away from their bargain 4K TV long enough, you can this summer pick yourself up a gazebo which is actually perfect for summer parties. Of which I'm assuming you'll have a few.

Credit: Aldi

For the nominal fee of just £149.99, the budget supermarket Aldi will give you a gazebo which comes with a shelving unit, with plenty of space for drinks to be held for your thirsty (and increasingly drunk) guests. And even better - with the British weather being how it is (don't look outside or anything), when the rain starts to pour, the gazebo will ensure you keep getting to party.

This is also much cheaper than Argos' equivalent, which costs £330 (but does come with chairs).

Credit: Aldi

So, by this point you're probably sold on this gazebo - I mean, why wouldn't it? So if you want to get into the gazebo of the summer, you can start to pre-order the Aldi summer gazebo on June 16, with the summer structures rolling out a week later.

So, what are you waiting for, folks? Once they're gone, they're gone: get on it, everybody!

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