Aldi is selling an 8-bottle wine cooler for an absolute bargain

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We've all been there. You invite some friends round, drinks start flowing, and then by 8PM, you realize that nobody has been rotating the wine in the fridge and all your guests start drinking their vino at room temperature.

Well, thanks to Aldi, you'll never have to suffer that embarrassment again, as they are now selling a free-standing wine cooler that can hold up to eight bottles of wine - so the party never has to end!

Check out this leaked Aldi employee training video - I'd actually love to work there:

This fancy unit promises to keep your vino chilled at a tasty 8-18°C (46.4-64.4°F), ensuring you'll be the hostess with the mostess in your friendship group.

Credit: Aldi

The official description for the product reads: "Ensure your wine is always at the temperature it should be, whether for those unexpected guests, or ready and waiting for you after a long day! This Free-standing 23L Wine Cooler is perfect for storing wine at the optimum temperature, with an 8-18°C temperature range. With 3 stunning chrome shelves, there's enough room for up to 8 bottles of wine so you can be sure the party will never run dry again!"

Credit: Aldi

The freestanding wine cooler also features an internal light and has an A+ energy class rating. It is also super quiet, coming in at just 38 decibels when in-use.

Each classy cooler also boasts a touch panel LED display, mirrored glass door, and three chromed shelves - honestly, I swear I've seen something similar on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Credit: Aldi

The appliance measures 25 x 51.5 x 46cm, and weighs just under 9kg, so it will fit nicely on any large countertops or perhaps in between kitchen cabinets. Heck, I'm putting mine straight in the pool house.

And, Aldi is including a 36-month warranty on each cooler - meaning you can purchase with peace of mind.

The wine cooler is currently available to pre-order online for just £59.99 ($78 USD) - but let's face it, you can't put a price on ready-to-drink chilled wine.

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