Aldi is selling giant 'Ferrero Rocher'-inspired desserts this Christmas

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Everyone knows that nuts and chocolate are a match made in heaven. From creamy Nutella to peanut-studded Snickers, you really can’t go wrong with a salty seed coated something sweet. Other treats need not apply. 

Besides Easter, arguably the most exciting time to be a chocolate and nut obsessive is Christmas. Turkey and pudding might steal centre stage, but Christmas really isn’t Christmas if you don’t end every afternoon feeling slightly sick, surrounded by a cascade of discarded Celebrations wrappers. Perhaps this makes it ok for us to start fantasising about what’s on the menu five months out from the big day. 

To take our minds off the oppressive summer heat, German supermarket Aldi has made an exciting announcement about what will be included in their Christmas range. Alongside more traditional options, the chain will be serving up a giant Ferrero Rocher-inspired chocolate dessert, featuring a blend of chocolate and chopped hazelnuts, served in a massive half-dome. We’ll take ten. 

Why not try our Sticky Chocolate Peanut Pie:

According to the French designers, the mega dessert is designed to be bought frozen and  defrosted for about an hour before being eaten. Much like the beloved crispy chocolate treat, the dessert is filled with dark chocolate and hazelnut mousse, a praline feuilletine, and a salted butter caramel mousse, all covered with a chocolate biscuit and dark chocolate shell. Christmas can’t come soon enough. 

Discussing the supermarket’s new range, an Aldi spokeswoman declared:

“No one knows exactly how the situation will have changed by December but one thing we’re sure of is that Christmas won’t be cancelled.

“What we’re going through now and have been through, means people are going to be even more focused on celebrating with their household, sharing food and drink and gifts with their families, and that’s where Aldi comes in.”

Even if celebrations feel slightly strange this year, we can at least all guarantee that there will be at least one stellar dessert available to everyone.