Aldi is selling Rocky Road-filled Hot Cross Buns for Easter

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Easter isn’t Easter unless you’ve stocked up on seasonal chocolatey treats. While eggs understandably steal the limelight, there is a whole panoply of sweet and sticky goodies that inexplicably only come round once a year. All the more reason to grab ‘em while you can. 

Simultaneously providing a delicious snack and a much-needed morale boost, beloved budget supermarket Aldi have unveiled their own attempt to muscle in on the Easter treat action. Combining two of the seasons most popular ingredients, the brand has created a new take on the classic hot cross bun - stuffing it with chocolatey rocky road. Who says baking has to be boring?

rocky road hot cross bun Credit: Aldi

Available from the 9th of April, the new treats are the perfect excuse to “indulge in the weird and wonderful this Easter.” According to a press release provided by the company:

“Putting a not-so-traditional twist on the humble and much-loved hot cross bun, Aldi has created a very special on-the-go product providing a deliciously sweet treat for shoppers this Easter." 

Check out this recipe for Baileys Chocolate Hot Cross Buns:

“Sandwiched in between a hot cross bun which is infused with raisins, sultanas, currants, citrus zest and mixed spices lies a rocky-road delight – a sweet and sticky concoction of chocolate coated crisped rice, pink and white mini marshmallows, and rich chocolate sauce - forming a scrumptious filling at the bun's core.

Hot cross bun Credit: Pixabay

Available for just £1.49 each, the buns look set to be a brilliant way to overindulge over the weekend while sticking to a budget.

To make matters even more exciting, the rocky road-loaded buns aren’t the only hot cross riffs available in store, with the supermarket also stocking specially made Hot Cross Bun Puddings for £1.99. This might be an unusual Easter, all things considered, but that doesn’t mean it can’t still be enjoyable.