An entire festival dedicated to chicken nuggets is opening this weekend

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As a rule, food festivals can be a little underwhelming. Yes, there’s something thrilling about spending several hours surrounded by sights and smells that would make even the pickiest eater start drooling like a dysarthric bloodhound. But, after a while, it often becomes apparent that you’ve spent enough money to feed a family for a week on food that you could often just as easily make yourself, so long as you had ready access to a deep fat fryer and plastic punnets. However, as an upcoming event is set to prove, there are still food festivals that are worth getting excited about. 

In news that will delight adults and kids in equal measure, nugget connoisseurs have an opportunity to dig into an unparalleled collection of chickeny goodness at Melbourne’s dedicated chicken nugget festival. Hosted at “Welcome to Thornbury” - the city’s first permanent bar and food truck stop - the event is a celebration of all things nuggety, showcasing everything from classic nugs to crazy twists on the formula. For anyone who likes their chicken to be bite-sized, it is not an occasion to be missed. 

According to the official event website, guests can “Expect a fabulous weekend of eating and celebrating chicken nuggets (and dipping sauce!)”. Featured among the nugget-specialising retailers are: “Donugs - with their incredible donut-nugget hybrid, as seen on Shark Tank”; “Woking Amazing - serving up vegan nuggets and a special nugget bao”; and “Mr Burger - bringing back the famous Nugget Burger for one day only” 

Other, more outlandish options include: “Pizza Pony - a limited edition Nugget Pizza”; “Sparrow’s - with ‘The Godfather’ AKA Nuggedaboutit - a chicken nugget sandwich with chicken schnitzel as the bread”; and “Mamma Van - with a chicken nugget burrito.” If that line up doesn’t persuade you to hop on a plane down under, then nothing will. 

For anyone in the area on the 26th and 27th of October, the website provides a few hints and tips. For starters, not only is there an ATM on-site, but “Kids (are) welcome until 8pm, dogs welcome all night.” Families may be advised to find somewhere to dump their children, so parents and Lassie can find time to properly stuff their face. Either way, the prospect of more nuggets than you’d know what to do with should be too good to turn down.