Apple Pie-flavoured Kit Kats are coming this July

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Any time a new Kit Kat drops, chocolate fans go into meltdown. The world’s favourite wafery fingers might normally lack the wow factor of some of their competitors, but when they go for it, they really go for it. As their latest limited edition proves, Kit Kat is still more than capable of pulling out the big guns. 

To the delight of anyone who can’t wait for the autumn onset of hot cobblers and gooey pastries, Hershey’s has apparently confirmed that their new Apple Pie Kit Kats are coming in July. According to a report by snacksperts “Best Products”, the move has been confirmed by Hershey’s PR, though the exact release date is still unknown. 

According to the information provided to Best Products, the new treats will be stocked at retailers across the country, will come in a 1.5 oz. standard four-fingered bar, and will cost around $1.09. Featuring a creamy white chocolate coating and fruity filling, it looks set to be an instant check out hit. 

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Although the flavour hasn’t yet been officially released in the United States, some have been lucky enough to get a preview. Popular Instagrammer @junkfoodleaks_ shared their thoughts on the flavour back in November, declaring:

“...these lil babies are great. They're not as artificial as many apple pie products out there. It has a great crunch in the center, which many do not. And of course, it does embody some actual authentic apple flavor! I do think that while tough, stuffing a bit of dried apple in these things would be the one thing that would make them truly amazing.”

Traditional apple pie season may still be some way off, but that doesn’t mean that anyone wanting a taste of their favourite dessert can’t find something to fill the void.