Bakery makes corgi butt buns stuffed with jelly and custard

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If we weren't already blessed to live in a world full of dogs, the cherry on that cake is that some of those dogs are corgis.

There's a reason that Queen Elizabeth II adored the breed so much - once owning 30 different corgis, all descended from her very first pooch, Susan. Corgis are not just adorable, but they're steeped in fascinating history.

For example, did you know that the word "corgi" actually means "dwarf dog" in Welsh or that - according to legend - they used to be ridden by fairies and elves? And you thought you were just here for some funny looking buns.

But without a doubt the best part of the corgi? Their adorable little butts. (If you've ever seen a corgi having a walk, you'll know exactly what I'm on about.)

Here's a picture of a corgi butt for reference: 

And now, a bakery in Japan has honored the cutest butt of all time (excluding my own, of course), by creating and selling corgi butt bread buns - and OH MY CORGI they're the cutest thing I've ever seen on the internet.

The Utiwapayna Bakery has been creating adorable baked goods for years and often shares some of their baked good with their 1.2K Twitter followers. According to the bakery's tweet about the corgi buns, the sweet treats are usually filled with jelly and custard.

I'm certain by now you're already booking your flights to Japan, so you'll need to know that the bakery is located in the little town of Sapporo.

And if corgis aren't your thing, the bakery also makes cat, hedgehog, and koala shaped bakes, too!

BRB - off to Japan!

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