Ben and Jerry's has created an ice cream stuffed with potato chips

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It’s an unwritten rule of the foodieverse that ice cream goes with basically anything. Anyone who’s experienced the soggy, salty pleasure of a French fry slathered in McFlurry knows that the normal rules of dining don’t apply to frozen dairy. That being said, there are some ice cream combos that still sound too strange to work. 

Take one of the latest efforts from Ben & Jerry’s. As the world’s most famous ice cream-maker, the brand has never been afraid to push the boundaries of accepted taste. However, this time they may have taken things a step too far, taking everyone’s favourite dessert and blending it with the contents of the snack bar. Say hello to ice cream with potato chips.

Created in collaboration with streaming service Netflix, the new “Chip Happens” flavour promises an ice cream experience unlike any other. As stated on the Ben & Jerry’s website:

“Sometimes “chip” happens and everything’s a mess, but we Nailed It! with this chip-filled limited batch. When smooth chocolate ice cream meets fudge chips & salty swirls, they pack a serious one-two crunch. The best part? There won’t be anything left to clean up.”

Introducing Ben & Jerry's Netflix and Chill'd:

According to the official description, each of the pints features “A Cold Mess of Chocolate Ice Cream with Fudge Chips & Crunchy Potato Chip Swirls.” However, despite the unusual ingredients, the new flavour seems to have enjoyed a reasonably positive reception, currently enjoying a rating of 4.5 stars out of five, according to LadBible.

Credit: Ben & Jerry's

Although the blend of crisps and cream is certainly the most eye-catching combination, it’s far from the only unusual concoction the Ben & Jerry’s crew has come up with. Also included as part of their Netflix range, the brand has released peanut butter and pretzel-filled “Netflix and Chilled”, plus toffee and fudge inflected “Boots on the Moooo’n”. If crisps aren’t to your taste, hopefully one of these other options will hit the spot.