Ben & Jerry's newest flavour features a fudge, toffee and cookie dough core

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We are never going to agree on what is the ultimate TV sofa snack. While some people like to turn their sitting room into Screen 7 at the Odeon with bags of sticky popcorn and sweeties, others would rather use home viewing as an excuse to indulge in a full-blown banquet. When you aren’t limited by the options in the foyer, the world really is your oyster. 

Even if personal choices can prove to be a little divisive, absolutely no one can argue that the latest Ben & Jerry’s ice cream hasn’t shot straight into the ranks of TV nibble royalty. Created to commemorate the release of Netflix’s new sci-fi comedy series “Space Force”, the flavour features a fudge, toffee and cookie dough core, and has got snack fans everywhere swooning. Overpriced Haagen Dasz has never looked less tempting. 

Dubbed “Boots on the Moooo’n”, the new flavour is described as “A Universe of Milk Chocolate Ice Cream with Fudge Cows & Toffee Meteor Clusters Orbiting a Sugar Cookie Dough Core,” according to the Ben & Jerry’s website.

Check out the promotional video for Ben & Jerry's 'Netflix and Chill'd':

Priced at around $4.99 per pint, the ice cream is set to be available at select stores across America. To get fans even more excited, the brand has also added:

“While Space Force works to get boots (back) on the moon, this cosmic concoction will launch your dreams into orbit. With fudgy astronaut cows & toffee meteors, space couldn't be any sweeter. Unless the moon was made out of sugar cookie dough. Which for this limited-time flavor, it actually is!”

The outrageous fudge, toffee and cookie combo isn’t the only thing that Ben & Jerry’s are offering ice cream enthusiasts. The brand has actually released a range of Netflix-inspired flavours, including the peanut butter and brownie-based “Netflix & Chilll’d”. With the absence of actual cinemas to snack in, now may be the ultimate excuse to turn your home into an ice cream den.