Birthday Cake-flavoured Kit Kats are coming in April

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Celebrating without something cakey always feels like an anticlimax. Whether you’re turning 21 or have finally managed to finish your tax returns, there is always a worthy excuse to party with something delicious and covered in sprinkles, no matter how small the accomplishment. Thanks to the world’s favourite finger biscuit, that is now easier than ever. 

In a move that will please anyone who adores cakes but can’t be bothered to carry one around in their pocket all day, birthday cake-flavoured Kit Kats are set to hit stores this April. The new treats are decorated with “White Creme” chocolate and multi-coloured sprinkles and are described as “Limited Edition”, so you’ll have to move fast if you want to celebrate your next big day in style. Some things are worth the hassle. 

According to a press release accompanying the news, “the launch of this new flavo(u)r marks the first time that a Kit Kat Bar will include sprinkles.” Available in standard four-finger bars for a recommended retail price of $1.09, the treats will certainly be an economical way to avoid shelling out for a Victoria sponge. 

Check out our delicious recipe for Baileys Vegan Birthday Cake:

In an interview included in the press release, the brand’s Marketing Director, Susanne Prucha, stated:

"Kit Kat as a brand is internationally recognized for its inventive flavors. Our U.S. Kit Kat lovers have continued to voice a longing for new and imaginative flavors and that's exactly what we're giving them in 2020. We've kicked off the year with not one, but three new flavor innovations and can't wait to announce what else we have in store!"

This sentiment was reiterated by Justin Kukura, Senior Manager Chocolate Product Development at The Hershey Company, who added:

"Kit Kat Brand takes flavor seriously and aims to deliver for our fans who are just as passionate about the endless flavor possibilities. Kit Kat Birthday Cake delivers on the universal love of the layers of birthday cake flavor and aroma of frosting perfectly paired with the surprise crunch of sprinkles."

It might not the most convenient way to carry a candle, but who cares?