British kebab awards reveal Britain's best kebabs

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As anyone who has ever ventured out in a British town after dark knows, this country loves a kebab. The only thing better than getting battered in a terrible club is washing the experience away with a warm baton of cheap pitta and assorted meat shavings. When it comes to drunk dining, the kebab is king. 

However, while they happen to make excellent alcohol sponges, Britsh kebabs can also be totally delicious. If your understanding of kebabs is limited to gristly slivers of doner, you need to get out more. Whatever your prefered approach to barbecuing, proper kebabs can stand up against the best of them. 

Credit: Pixabay

It’s only fitting, then, that these magnificent meat mountains are given their moment in the sun. In order to honour the great and the good of the industry, the annual British Kebab Award has this week unveiled its selections for 2020. If you want to taste something that will make you forget all about Saturday night’s greasy mixed tikka roll, you’re in luck. Without further ado, here is the complete list of winners. 

Credit: Pixabay

Best Takeaway in London:

Winner: What The Pitta; Highly Commended: The Charcoal Grill

Best Takeaway Regional:

Winner: Alim-Et Takeaway in East Malling; Highly Recommended: Irmak BBQ in Dunstable

Best Kebab Restaurant in North and West London:

Winner: Kabul City Restaurant; Highly Commended: Divan Restaurant Ocakbasi

Best Kebab Restaurant in South and East London:

Winner: Cappadocia Restaurant; Highly Commended: The Ottoman Doner

Best Kebab Restaurant Regional:

Winner: Mosaic Grill in Daventry

Check out Hugh making an epic kebab shawarma pizza in Dubai:

Best Kebab Restaurant in Wales:

Winner: Sam's Grill House

Best Kebab Restaurant in Scotland:

Winner: Best Kebab and Pizza House; Highly Commended: The Frying Scotsman

Best Kebab House in Northern Ireland:

Winner: Grab a Kebab; Highly Commended: Chaska Enniskillen

Kebab Van of the Year:

Winner: Atalay's Kebab Van; Highly Commended: Ahmed's Bar B-Q

Fine Dining Restaurant:

Winner: The Mantl

Newcomer Restaurant:

Winner: German Doner Kebab in West Bromwich; Highly Recommended: I Am Doner in Leeds

Best Value Restaurant:

Winner: Turknaz Restaurant in Whitley Bay; Highly Recommended: Melo Persian Restaurant in Southampton

Best Delivery:

Winner: BBQ Grill in Chatham

Chef of the Year:

Winner: Hamza Yalcin from the Batman Grill in St Leonards

Consider your next few British mini-break destinations sorted.