Bull’s-Eye Bacon Wrapped Melting Middle Burger

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  1. Use the back of a knife to stretch the bacon out on a chopping board - this prevents shrinkage later on.
  2. Work the salt and pepper through the mince and shape into two patties, then place the block of cheddar on top of one and carefully place the other on top, pressing the sides together firmly to seal in the cheese.
  3. Carefully wrap the burger up with the bacon and place it onto a medium hot BBQ (or in a frying pan if you prefer).
  4. Turn over half way through cooking and brush with the Bull’s-Eye Kentucky Habanero Hot Sauce.
  5. Meanwhile, whisk together the mayo & remaining ingredients for the burger sauce.
  6. Assemble the burger - burger sauce first, followed by lettuce, tomato, the cheese stuffed burger, caramelised onions and the top bun.