Burger King has put its cows on a special diet so they fart less

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For any 10-year-old learning about the sorry saga that is climate change for the first time, farts provide one of the few rays of non-dangerous sunshine. Even though global warming is an existential threat to every living being on the planet, it’s impossible not to smile when you learn that one of the most egregious emitters of greenhouse gases are cows’ bottoms.

But, even though the idea of having life on earth ended by breaking wind is and always will be hilarious, the sad reality is that we really have to do something to address the situation.  Fortunately for all future generations, one of the world’s biggest fast-food businesses seems to agree. 

In a bid to cut down on its carbon footprint, American mega-franchise Burger King has made a dramatic change to the diet of its cattle, feeding them an additional 100g of lemongrass to cut out the farting. As of today, the brand’s new low-emission burgers are set to debut at restaurants in Austin, Los Angeles, Miami, New York and Portland, proving that the plans aren’t just a load of hot air.

Watch the Burger King farting cow campaign video here:

According to details provided to the press, the brand believes that the dietary change could ultimately help reduce a cow’s daily methane emissions by up to 33% - minimalising both burping and farting. 

To celebrate the launch of the campaign, Burger King produced a tongue-in-cheek featuring a singing child in full cowboy regalia, warning of the dangers of failing to take the threat of farts too seriously. As the brand stated in an accompanying caption, “cow farts & burps are no laughing matter. they release methane, contributing to climate change,”  before encouraging their audience to “breathe the farts of change.”

Whether the King’s claims of a 33% emission reduction are credible remains to be seen. However, whatever the eventual outcome, it’s nonetheless encouraging to see a major player in the industry taking what is a very real threat (semi) seriously.