Burger King offer to spoil the new Star Wars in exchange for a free Whopper

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As any film fan knows all too well, avoiding plot spoilers in this day and age is almost impossible. Between inconsiderate blabbing on social media and trailers that, in an increasing number of cases, literally reveal the entire plot, experiencing uncompromised movie magic is like winning the lottery. 

Given how hard it is to avoid any unwanted information, some people might choose to give up on going spoiler-free altogether. Such is the likely hood of having an irritating acquaintance casually mention a key character’s death, these moviegoers may decide to fall on their own swords, if there’s an appropriate incentive. This is where Burger King comes in. 

In a bid to capitalise on the frustrations of film fans, the flame-grill specialist is offering to ruin one of the year’s biggest releases, in exchange for free burgers. In a controversial German-based promotion, Burger King is inviting film fans to claim a free Whopper, so long as they read key plot points beforehand. Dubbed “The Spoiler Whopper”, it’s arguably the most delicious way to ruin the experience cinema since someone decided to sell nachos.

Check out Burger King's commercial for the Spoiler Whopper here:

In a new commercial, the company invited fans to choose between the food and the film, stating that the more they ordered the more they would know. Filmed in a specially kitted out “spoiler restaurant”, the entire room was covered in key plot points, causing some fans to recoil in horror as they attempted to enjoy their hard-won dinner. 

In a statement provided to The Hollywood Reporter about the initiative,  Klaus Schmäing, director of marketing at Burger King Germany, said:

“We wanted to challenge people’s Whopper love and put it to the ultimate test by asking them to choose between their love for our flagship product and their love for the most epic sci-fi movie ever.”

For the duration of the promotion, fans in Germany will also be able to access a free Whopper via the Burger King app - though only after they have read a spoiler-ridden paragraph. Whether or not this sacrifice is worth ruining what could be the biggest sci-fi release of the decade will depend entirely on the individual.