Burger King offers customers a free Valentine's Whopper if they bring in a picture of their ex

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Everyone has a different approach to getting over their ex. Some seek salvation at the bottom of a pint of Ben and Jerry’s. Others start a cathartic fire in the back garden and dance around it, cackling like a mad, bitter imp and burning anything that might have come into contact with their former partner. There are good arguments for either approach. 

However, Burger King believes that there is at least one way to turn your heartbreak into something productive. As part of the brand’s Valentine’s Day celebrations, the restaurant will be offering a burger ex-change - allowing you to receive a free Whopper if you bring in a snap of a previous paramour. Finally, a use for that tattered, tear-stained photo album. 

The promotion comes courtesy of a collaboration with new DC/Margot Robbie vehicle “Birds of Prey”, and will be available at select Burger King stores across New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Boston. Participating restaurants will be stocking “break-up boxes” on Valentine's Day, where the photos can be deposited before claiming the sandwich.

The break-up boxes themselves are emblazoned with black and pink decorations, including a graffitied crown and hearts, as well as the defiant message, “who needs The Joker when you can have the King.”

Watch as Burger King Gives Free Burgers To People Living Near The 'Joker Stairs':

Unfortunately amidst all the excitement, there are a few caveats to the offer. For starters, there is a limit of one free burger per person, so participants would do wisely to preselect their most devastating break up before arriving with armfuls of photos. Secondly, the promotion does not extend to the much talked about Impossible Whopper.

However, it isn’t all bad news for anyone who blows their Whopper wad on a premature exchange. Alongside the Birds of Prey giveaway, Burger King is also running an in-app quiz, rewarding participants with a $3 Whopper if they can answer four out of five questions correctly. It might not provide the emotional closure of the other offer, but a discounted sandwich is a discounted sandwich.