Cannabis-infused sriracha hot sauce has been released

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As anyone who delights in dipping will tell you, sriracha already ticks pretty much every hot sauce box. Whether you’re looking to spice up a midweek dinner or want a deep-fried snack to pack a little extra punch, it is often the unsung hero of the dinner table, doing the donkey work to disguise bad cooking and bland food. Sriracha bottles are an indispensable dispenser. 

However, just because something is awesome doesn’t mean it can’t be improved. Leonard Cohen did a pretty decent job with “Hallelujah”, but that doesn’t make Jeff Buckley any less brilliant. This explains why the latest hot sauce innovation may be more than overegging an already delicious pudding. 

Courtesy of the CBD-focused food specialists at Potli, sriracha fans will soon be able to simultaneously curb and stimulate the munchies, thanks to an exciting new take on the classic condiment. 

By infusing THC (the active chemical in the cannabis plant) with a traditional Sriracha recipe, Potli has created a sauce that, according to a recipe on its website, generates an “energizing and creativity-enhancing effect.”

Check out our recipe for Sriracha Chicken Poppers:

Although hot sauce that can get you high is an exciting prospect for some, there’s more to the sriracha than getting stoned. According to a recent report by Foodbeast, the new release is coordinated around the Lunar New Year, and utilises “nano-emulsified THC” to allow for “faster, more efficient absorption,” while a Forbes article on heath trends for 2020 states that “CBD has numerous benefits including pain and anxiety relief.”

News of the new release only dropped on Wednesday, meaning that information is relatively scarce. However, Potli’s official Instagram account shared a video of the product along with the caption: 

“COMING IN HOT: Meet the newest member of the Potli family: THC Infused Sriracha $30? Available first in the Bay Area via @harborside_oakland @harborside_sanjose @vapor_room_sf @missioncannaclub @eco_cannabis @emeraldpharms_ig 100MG of nano-emulsified THC for that fast acting heat and high ? Tag your spiciest friends.”

Even if you’re a traditionalist when it comes to condiments, it’s hard to deny that the new sauce sounds intriguing.