Captain Morgan's new orange and vanilla summer rum tastes 'just like a creamsicle'

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In an ironic reflection of the country’s general mood, the British weather has taken this opportunity turn from grim to glorious. Typically for a nation that’s most famous for rain, queuing and more rain, Mr Blue Sky has waited until we’re all stuck indoors before finally emerging. We are not amused. 

Given the combo of current circumstances and the tantalisingly brilliant sunshine, now seems like the ideal time to start fantasising about summer. Clearly, plans for a few weeks on a beach are, for most of us, going to have to be put on hold. But even in sundrenched self-isolation, there are still things we can do to help indulge our imagination. One of these is to grab a bottle of Captain Morgan’s new summer rum. 

The new flavour, which has already hit shelves in the US, has been described by several reports as tasting exactly “like a creamsicle” - music to the ears of anyone who’s already sick of working in their pyjamas. Made with a carefully balanced blend of orange and vanilla, it certainly spices up the traditional rum formula. 

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According to a post about the 30% ABV drink on Captain Morgan’s website:

“There is more fun to be had this summer with Limited Edition Captain Morgan Orange Vanilla Twist! This delicious liquid tastes like summer in a glass with the sweet and fruity combination of orange and vanilla. Enjoy with ginger ale, cola or in an orange slushie for some YUM!”

The new flavour has already been promoted by several liquor stores, with many emphasising its limited status. With uncertainty over so much of this summer already, the addition of an equivocating cocktail mixer seems more apt than usual. Here’s hoping we get a taste.