Caramel & Hazelnut Old Fashioned

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Syrup Prep:
1.Roast the hazelnuts (approx. 180 degrees Celsius for 15mins)
2.On the stove heat caramel syrup with water
3.Add roasted hazelnuts, allow to cook on low for about 30mins, stirring occasionally (the longer you cook, the more hazelnut flavour)
4.Allow to cool, strain into jar/bottle

1.In a Boston glass, build caramel nut syrup, Buffalo Trace Bourbon Whiskey and 2 dashes of aromatic bitters
2.Stir for 3-5 seconds
3.Strain over block ice cube
4.Alternatively, you don’t need to use a Boston glass, just build everything in the whiskey glass
5.Garnish with an orange twist and honeycomb