Cheese Truck is delivering cheesy 'self-isolation survival kits'

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As the current paucity of loo rolls has made clear, there are some things that we can’t do without in a crisis. However, despite the rush to get hold of as much Andrex as physically possible, some would argue that we’ve got our priorities all wrong. After all, home becomes far less appealing if you haven’t got a substantial supply of cheese.

Fortunately for Londoners who haven’t had a chance to stock up on Stinking Bishop, help is at hand. After closing their permanent “Pick and Cheese” site as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak, the team behind Camden’s “Cheese Bar” has decided to hit the road in a bid to provide the city with all the delicious dairy it could need. 

Taking to the streets in a duo of trucks, the business has revealed plans to provide cheese and charcuterie themed “self-isolation survival kits”, delivering supplies at four locations across the city every day.

In an extensive post on their website, the team revealed:

“These are truly unprecedented times. Our Seven Dials restaurant has been forced to close, and it seems as though our flagship in Camden will soon meet the same fate. We are determined to come back after all this has blown over but until then, THE PEOPLE NEED THEIR CHEESE! We may not have our restaurants, but we do have two shiny yellow Trucks - so we’re going back to our roots and heading out on the road.”

Check out our behind the scenes look inside Camden's "The Cheese Bar":

Despite the unusual circumstances, mobile cheese is actually familiar ground for founder Matthew Carver and co. Before setting up stall permanently in Camden, the business was entirely truck-based, meaning that they have plenty of experience in bringing cheese directly to the masses.

Items available include the £18.50 “Big Boy”, filled with “a variety of 3 x 150g portions of classic British Cheese & Crackers (and) suitable for a 3 - 4 person cheeseboard,” and “The Meaty Boy”  charcuterie selection for £15.

It’s worth noting that the website stresses the trucks will be operating on a “Pre-Order Only” basis, so you won’t be able to rock up and take your pick. Customers will have to make their requests over email and pay via a PayPal link. However, given the circumstances, this seems like a small sacrifice.