Chickpea Curry Pizza (Chana Puri)

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  1. For the breads, add the semolina and a little water to a bowl and mix to a paste. Add the plain flour, salt, nigella seed, ajwain, 1 tbsp oil and gradually add water until you have a stiff dough. Knead until smooth (about 12 minutes), wrap tightly in cling film and allow to rest at room temperature for half an hour.
  2. Meanwhile, get on with your curry. Puree the ginger and garlic with a little water until smooth, cover and set aside. Grab a little glass of water and pop by your station (in case you need to stop anything from catching). Heat the oil in a pan over a medium/high flame and chuck in the cumin seeds. When they have turned a shade darker (watch they don’t burn!), add the onions and a good pinch of salt. Fry until the onions are dark and caramelised. Add your tomato mixture and fry until dry and the oil separates. Add the spice mix and fry for a further minute, until the spices have lost their raw flavour. Add the chickpeas, turn through the masala then just cover with water and turn the heat down to medium-low. Simmer for 25 minutes, until the chickpea curry is dry. Finish with lemon, coriander and the fenugreek leaves. Check for salt.
  3. While your curry is simmering, finish your breads. Heat your oil to 175°C. On an oiled surface, roll your dough into a short log and cut into even (golf ball) sized pieces. Turn each piece cut-side down on the surface and flatten with your hand. Roll each one out to 1-2mm thick (ensuring to cover any dough that you are not immediately tending to). Drop the breads into the hot oil and tap with a slotted spoon to encourage the oil to wave over the top. After 20-30 seconds or so, once they have puffed up, flip the bread and cook for a further 15 seconds. Drain on kitchen paper and repeat with the rest. 
  4. Spoon the chickpea curry on top of the breads and finish with a slice of cold butter, coriander and onion, if you like.