Chili's employee finds human remains outside restaurant

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An employee at American casual dining chain Chili’s is now leading the search for the family of a man whose remains were discovered outside her restaurant last Sunday. Elizabeth Confer, who works in the Niagara Falls region of upstate New York, was arriving for her shift when she spotted a box labelled “Edwin Karkos” near the entrance. She soon realised that the box was filled with cremated human ashes. 

According to a report by Fox News, both Confer and her manager contacted the local police department, who have requested that anyone with information concerning the ashes come forward so that Karkos’ family can be contacted. The director of a nearby, now defunct funeral home, whose label was attached to the box, has also been reportedly been contacted by police. 

In addition to the efforts of local law enforcement, Confer herself is lending a hand. Taking to social media, she issued a plea for information on behalf of the family, writing:

“I’m seeing if any of my friends on here know the family of a guy who passed away about 7 years ago I came to work today and found a box of ashes of any one knows a guy or family of EDWIN KARKOS to please get ahold of me and I can get them to the ashes ! I know the day he passed away to confirm if need be. Please feel free to comment share and help me find them! This post is public so hopefully the family can see this. Thank you for helping”

Speaking to Fox News about the discovery of Mr Karkos’ remains, Confer revealed that, "I happened to see it when I was walking in, you could not miss it or what was written on it," before adding, "I hope that the family will get the box back and find out who actually left it." Though Confer claims to have been put in contact with a few promising leads, the investigation remains, for now at least, ongoing.