Chilli and cheese hot cross buns are coming this Easter

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Easter isn’t Easter until you’ve eaten at least 10 hot cross buns. The classic combination of fluffy dough, sticky sweet currants and whatever you happen to have to hand in the cupboard is as integral to the holiday as chocolate and giant rabbits. To celebrate without them would be like Christmas without presents. 

Obviously, traditional hot cross buns are iconic. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t come up with something equally tasty if you’re prepared to think outside the box. To that end, anyone looking to spice up their Easter should head to M&S immediately and get their hands on some chilli and cheese-spiked buns. 

According to the M&S website, the new twists are made with a mixture of “tangy cheddar and a kick of hot sauce,” combining caramelised onions, red and green jalapenos, and dried chipotle chillies. It might not be traditional, but it definitely sounds tasty. 

Check out our recipe for Baileys Chocolate Hot Cross Buns:

However, despite the intriguing flavour combinations and broadly positive reception, news of the new buns hasn’t gone down well across the board. When the supermarket shared a photo of the product to their Facebook page, reactions included several criticisms from frustrated fans, one of whom went so far to write:

“Why do we have to have chilli in everything?? I can’t eat anything with Chilli but it’s becoming difficult to find food that hasn’t got chilli in it !!! Ugh!”

Credit: Pixabay/alisonyo

To top it off, the chilli and cheese flavour isn’t the only unusual addition to the supermarket’s bun line up. As M&S explain on their website, customers can “Go classic with our much-loved luxury hot cross buns, filled with plump, juicy fruits, or delicious gluten-free versions.”

Alternatively, “If you fancy mixing things up, (M&S have) got a flavour for everyone, from salted caramel and chocolate to Kentish bramley apple and orange marmalade.”

With so many options on the table, it’s a good time to be a fan of twists on classic cooking.