Chilli Chocolate Espresso Martini with Hendrick's Lunar Gin

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Love Chilli? Love Chocolate? Well this Chilli Chocolate Espresso Martini with Hendrick’s Lunar Gin is PERFECT for you. In honour of the First Quarter Moon, we’ve created this delectable and utterly sumptuous martini for those moments you need a little pick me up. The First Quarter Moon is a time when the moon is 50/50 in light and shadow and is associated with making decisions. So grasp the opportunities that are presented to you and treat yourself to this delicious martini afterwards.


  1. First up, fill the glass shaker with a scoop of ice
  2. Then add 45ml of Hendrick’s Lunar Gin to the glass 
  3. Follow this with 15ml of crème de cacao liqueur
  4. Add in the 15ml of coffee liqueur, followed by 30ml of espresso
  5. Add in your chilli slice, if you’re feeling spicy!
  6. Add the shaker & shake vigorously to get the perfect consistency. 
  7. Pour into your nick and nora glass, with the perfect frothy head. 
  8. Garnish with some cocoa powder if you’re feeling indulgent.

It’s as simple as that. Enjoy!


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