Coca-Cola with coffee is set to "hit shelves in April"

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If you’ve had a heavy night, Coca-Cola has always been the go-to morning pick-me-up. However, thanks to the latest edition to the legendary soft drink brand’s line-up, having a can of Coke could be about to become as ordinary as a latte - even if you aren’t nursing the mother of all hangovers. 

According to multiple reports, the company is planning to release three new flavours of coffee-infused Coke in April of this year. Available in 12oz cans and packing a hefty kick of caffeine, everyone’s AM might become a whole lot more energetic post-Easter. 

News of the new cans was first broken by popular fast food Instagrammer Candy Hunting, who shared a photo of the three new coffee cans, accompanied by the caption:

“Coca-Cola with Coffee is slated to hit shelves in April! It will be available in Dark Blend, Vanilla, and Caramel flavors and as single cans or four packs. These come as a direct competition to the Pepsi Café, a similar product that also launches in April.”

The Pepsi Café mentioned in Candy Hunting’s caption is a reference to the Coca-Cola Company’s rivals plan for two similar coffee-infused beverages. However, the Pepsi alternative only comes in “Regular” and “Vanilla” flavours, potentially leaving caramel lovers disappointed. Plus, it’s Pepsi. 

Anyone familiar with the storied history of Coca-Cola will know that this isn’t the first time that the brand has tried to introduce coffee to their audience. Back in 2006, the brand survived a mini-disaster after the underwhelming release of coffee-flavoured “Coca-Cola BlāK”, which was ultimately canned after just two years on the market. 

In an interview with CNN, the company’s chief technical officer Nancy Quan called the failure “a trend before its time," adding, "I don't think people were ready to have a coffee portfolio within the Coca-Cola brand." Everyone at Coke HQ will clearly be hoping that times have changed.