Cop called "complete idiot" by judge after stealing weed edibles and eating them while on duty

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Anyone who has worked in law enforcement will be quick to tell you that being a police officer is a difficult and stressful job. Dealing with hardened criminals day in, day out means that, if only for their own mental well-being, it’s important that those on the beat get the opportunity to properly unwind. But, as a recent case from Toronto proves, there’s a time and a place to put your feet up.

In January this year, Toronto constables Vittorio Dominelli and Jamie Young found themselves at the spearhead of an operation targeting a marijuana dispensary. The successful raid saw the police force recover an array of pot products, including a number of tempting-looking weed edibles. In fact, so tempting did these edibles look, that an emboldened Dominelli decided that it was high time he discovered what high-time was actually like. As he was taking an inventory, he helped himself to a handful of THC-infused chocolate and hazelnut bars, and retreated to his car.

It is then alleged that both Dominelli and Young spent a few minutes snacking on the stolen contraband in the comfort of their car. Since what they had stolen could have some potentially serious side effects, the packet warned that only a small amount should be consumed at a time. Despite having “never tried anything weed-related before”, according to Munchies, the pair completely ignored this advice, and promptly ate their entire supply. Unsurprisingly, it was then that their troubles really started.

Over the next 20 minutes, both officers began to experience a number of alarming symptoms. They became panicky and felt sick. Local journalists from NEWSTALK1010 allege that the pair began to panic as strange hallucinations started to appear before their eyes. In a growing state of alarm at their uncontrollable highness, Dominelli made a grab for his radio and called in a 10-33 - code for “officer in need of assistance”. The cavalry were incoming.

police car Credit: Pixabay/Life-of-pix

Things did not improve, however, when other officers finally arrived on the scene. According to NEWSTALK1010, the sudden realisation that they had just called the cops on themselves sent the pair into an even deeper panic. At the sign of the first car, one of the stoned conspirators leapt from his vehicle and took off on foot down the street. He was pursued by another officer, who slipped on some ice and hit his head on the cold pavement. Eventually, after much curalling, the pair were wrangled into a hospital bed, where they spent an extremely anxious couple of hours.

marijuana plant Credit: Pixabay/7raysmarketing

Naturally, the judiciary were less than impressed with the actions of Toronto’s finest. Last week, Justice Mary Misener scolded Dominelli in court, stating that ,“the conduct here you cannot describe as anything other than stupid.” She went on to add that the plaintiff was demonstrably, “an idiot”. Not only was Dominelli forced to resign on account of evidence tampering and obstruction of justice, but the seven people who had been captured after the raid also had to be let go. All things considered, it seems pretty clear that pot and policing should never ever mix.