Costco is selling a giant donut covered in sprinkles, pink icing and M&M's

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Though there are plenty of sensible, practical things on offer at Costco, a trip to the legendary stockpiling specialists only really becomes worthwhile if you have the time to peruse the whacky stuff.

Not only can discerning shoppers bulk-buy everything from emergency tinned food to car tyres, but they can, if they fancy, also spend inordinate sums on things that might seem awesome, but are ultimately pointless. Some of the finest examples from this uniquely-Costco category of shopping can historically be found in the Baking section.

It’s almost impossible to walk past shelves lined with muffins, cookies and cakes without slinging something unnecessary into your trolley. However, for Costco customers in Australia, this task just became exponentially harder with the news that the store have started selling a giant, bright pink iced donut. Impulse shopping just got a new face.

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Featuring several delicious components, the new donuts are definitely at the extreme end of the dessert spectrum. Topped with a mixture of pink royal icing, sprinkles and M&M’s, the rings tip the scales at a whopping 900 grams - almost two pounds, for anyone resolutely refusing to use normal measurements. In fact, so massive are the donuts that several commentators have suggested that they might make an excellent substitute for a birthday cake.  

Though the new items have not been released with much fanfare, they’ve certainly made an impact on social media. One Twitterer suggested that if the item was available in Canada it would “put Tim Horton’s out of business in a week”, while another simply encouraged the internet to “BEHOLD MY GIANT DONUT”. While Twitter is notoriously prone to hyperbole, in this case, it may be justified.

Unfortunately for enthusiastic internet fans, the doughnut is not yet a universal phenomenon. According to reports, the giant treat is only available at Costco locations in Australia, meaning that getting your hands on one will cost a good deal more than the $15.99 AUD price tag. However, if the pictures circulating online are anything to go by, this might be the final push many would-be holiday-makers need to book their plane tickets down under.

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