Costco is selling a 3-pound heart-shaped chocolate cheesecake

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Giving someone your heart is a serious business. However, when the heart in question also happens to be a three-pound wedge of delicious cream cheese and chocolate, parting with it is less a soppy gesture and more a marriage proposal. If you can give a gift like this to someone without scoffing it yourself, you’re clearly head over heels.

In true, over the top Valentine’s tradition, couples can now celebrate February 14th with a fantastically over-indulgent chocolate cheesecake that represents everything we love about the world’s most impractical holiday. Despite being impossible for two people to finish without being violently ill, this new treat from Costco is the epitome of sickly sweet romance. Who wants roses when you can enjoy slice after slice of chocolatey goodness?

The cheesecake itself, which has been created by famous New York-based cheesecake brand Junior’s, looks a little rough around the edges, with wonky raspberry icing daubed down the centre. However, given that Valentine’s Day is the ultimate excuse for anyone with no discernible talent for crafts to unleash their inner artist, perhaps the cake’s appearance is actually exactly what we need.

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Even if you aren’t convinced by asymmetrical icing, there’s little doubt that the rest of the cake is well worth getting excited about. As popular Costco-focused Instagram account Costco Buys explained in a post:

“Costco has this Junior’s heart-shaped chocolate covered cheesecake! ? This is absolutely perfect for Valentine’s Day, but not for my diet! ?❤️ ($19.99, item no. 1390089)”

Another Costco-centric account based in New Jersey claimed that the cakes were on sale for the even cheaper price of $18.79, making everyone’s next romantic dessert a doddle. While giant chocolate cheesecakes might not necessarily be the order of the day if you want to avoid slipping into a food coma, you’d be hard-pressed to argue that they wouldn’t make for a brilliant Friday night in.