Costco is selling giant strawberry margaritas for less than $10

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Say what you like about mixologists, but making your own cocktails is hard work. Even if you resent paying vast sums of money for a single gin and tonic, most of us would agree that there’s quite a stark difference between drinks that have been precisely made and measured by a pro, and something sloshed into a glass with all the accuracy of a drunk darts player. 

Unfortunately, finding a middle ground between cripplingly expensive cocktail bars and crap homemade concoctions is often trickier than it should be. But, just in time to save the start of summer, wholesale superstore Costco has come up with a premade solution to our drinking problems.

Much to the excitement of margarita lovers across America, the famously bombastic retailer is offering customers giant pre-mixed strawberry margarita bottle for under $10. Available in epic 1.5L bottles, the massive cocktails are guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face who has been struggling with the traditional tequila and fresh fruit combo. 

Check out this Jalapeño Margarita Party Pitcher with Guacamole and McCoy’s Muchos:

Originally spotted by Instagram user @mrs.ashleyirving, the drink weighs in at 12.7% ABV and is made with a blend of lime juice, cane sugar and agave wine, rather than the typical tequila. News of the strawberry margarita follows reports that the store is also stocking a similar “Golden Margarita” bottle, suggesting that it’s a glorious time to be into agave wine cocktails.  

Unsurprisingly given that almost everyone is fantasising about lazy summer days sat in a swimming pool, news of the strawberry margarita bottles has been received extremely positively. Commenting underneath the original Instagram photo, one user described the drink as “amazing”, while another labelled @mrs.ashleyirving “an absolute angel for finding the drink”. Summer 2020 might be getting off to a rough start, but there’s at least one bright spot in the supermarket.