Couples have started eating bizarre celebratory "vasectomy cakes"

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It should go without saying, but not every occasion needs a cake. A trip to the dentist to congratulate a spouse on their root canal does not require a Battenburg. Successfully passing an A-level does not necessitate Victoria sponge. These truths should be self evident. Not everyone, however, is on board with cake limitation. Some have decided that, contrary to collective wisdom, more is more.

In one of the weirdest pastry trends to ever grace the internet, couples have decided to start celebrating their vasectomies with cake. This typically involves commissioning unlucky bakeries to produce increasingly graphic metaphors for genital surgery in various combinations of icing, sugar and sponge. The results are, to say the least, arresting.

The original source for the vasectomy cake craze seems to be Tenessee-based bakery Signature Desserts. The business recently made headlines after publishing a picture of a 6-inch red velvet cake, complete with hand painted lemons and a caption reading, "100% JUICE NO SEEDS HAPPY VASECTOMY!" As business co-owner Nick Clingman told USA Today, "It's not every day that somebody wants a humorous, edgy cake. It blew up very quickly, and I was surprised."

Since this original post, demand has only grown. For instance, Lynn Light, owner of the aptly named “Wicked Cakes” in New York, was recently asked to produce an 8-inch chocolate vasectomy cake, complete with testicles, fondant and a black bow. Speaking about her reaction to request, Light revealed “I definitely didn’t know what to think at first,” although she went on to admit, “I thought it was a great way to show your appreciation for what a partner is going through.”

Unsurprisingly, the trend has split the baking community. While some business owners and potential customers have expressed reservations about the idea, others have been much more enthusiastic. Light revealed that, “There’s definitely a market for it,” adding that, “People are finding different ways to find the humor and celebrate some of the more awkward things in life.” To provide further encouragement for risque bakers, Ashleigh Evans, director of operations analytics for the global restaurant consultancy firm Aaron Allen & Associates, revealed that, "Cake is just a combination of eggs, flour, sugar and butter, but what you can put on it (makes) possibilities. If there’s a Hallmark card for it, there can be a cake for it." If the public appetite continues to grow, it looks like vasectomy baking may well be here to stay.