Domino's reveals the best way to reheat pizza in just 30 seconds

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Apart from fresh takeaway, nothing beats fridge pizza. Even if you’re the world’s biggest fan of Frosted Flakes or, Lord forbid, something vaguely healthy, everyone knows that the best kind of breakfast is a day old Domino’s served with a slightly congealed pot of garlic and herb dip. It is delicious, grotesque perfection. 

However, as any ravenous breakfaster knows, cold pizza is never as straightforward as its freshly baked counterpart. Resuscitating the oozy, gooey goodness of a piping hot pie is not an easy task. One false move and your meal can go from ultimate hangover nuke to sorry soggy mess. Pros know to tread carefully. 

Fortunately for anyone afraid to proceed without ruining the most important meal of the day, expert advice is on hand to help. To show everyone how to keep enjoying their dinner well into Day Two, Domino’s Australian division has finally revealed what they believe is the best way to reheat their pizza. Finally, a food hack we can all relate to. 

In a post shared to the Domino’s Newsroom, the team detailed how you can use a microwave to take an old slice from nought to tasty in just 30 seconds, all while avoiding the dreaded soggy crust. According to the piece:

“For those feeling next level hangry, who are keen to get stuck into their leftovers but want to step it up from the fridge, this hack goes down as the easiest (but not necessarily the most reliable) in history. To prevent a soggy slice, add a half full cup of water to the microwave with your pizza and heat for around 30 seconds. Crispiness not guaranteed, but worth a shot.”

Credit: Dominos

This wasn’t the only pearl of wisdom shared by the Domino’s team. The article goes on to provide tips for preparing a “Toasted Slice Sandwich” using a waffle iron, as well as ideas for revitalising a slice in the oven or air fryer. 

Credit: Domino's

As with any takeaway, people will have their own personal preferences for maximum enjoyment. But, whatever your preferred method, it’s reassuring to know that there is some professional advice out there, should you need it.