Doughnut company is on the hunt for volunteer doughnut testers

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In recent weeks, many of us have felt compelled to use our time in the service of others. According to some statistics, around 10 million adults have been lending their services to those in need during lockdown, proving that, despite everything, many still have a strong sense of community responsibility. 

However, as with anything, there are degrees to which volunteering your services can be said to slightly more self-interested than meets the eye. This is not to say that looking after yourself is necessarily a bad thing, but it is a fact that some forms of service are inherently more enjoyable than others. This brings us to the altogether selfish yet totally brilliant role of volunteer doughnut taster. 

To some, the opportunity to pontificate about delicious desserts while receiving a virtually unending supply of free pastry might sound too good to be true. However, thanks to Midlands-based doughnut experts ‘Project D’ that possibility is now very much on the table. 

Watch Hugh make Piña Colada Doughnuts in the new episode of 'Food Palace':

According to the business’ website and recent activity on social media, the doughnut merchants are on the hunt for expert opinions as they try to expand. As Project D explained on its official Instagram page:

“Doughnut tasters required! This is not a joke - Successful volunteers will receive a box of four different doughnuts once a week for a month (that’s 16 free doughnuts!) In return, the taster is asked to provide feedback on quality, selection, flavours and toppings. They will also get sneak previews of future products and be the first to try out new flavours – the ideal job?!

“Head to our website to register your interest, there’s a link on our homepage. Tag anyone suitable!”

The business has made a name for itself with its outrageous flavour combinations and indulgent ingredients. For instance, in order to celebrate the unfortunately cancelled Glastonbury Festival, the brand created several musical-themed flavours, including the toffee and chocolate “Kings of Lion” and the white chocolate and caramel “Fleetwood Caramac”. With new treats constantly coming out of the Project D kitchen, any successful applicants can look forward to a tasty new job.