Dream job offers to pay "Bacon Intern" $1,000 to eat bacon

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If there’s one food that could solve all the world’s problems, it’s probably bacon. Whether you’re disgustingly hungover or just slightly peckish, there isn’t a situation on earth that can’t be improved by a slab of white bread, a spread of butter and a few slices of crispy streaky. Donald Trump’s approach to diplomacy would probably improve exponentially if he ditched Twitter and gifted international leaders token bacon butties instead. 

Given bacon’s exalted status as the king of all cured meat, the prospect of being paid to eat it is, obviously, alluring. Like "professional dog stroker", or "chief tester at the world’s only firework, ice cream and alcohol factory", it sounds like one of those jobs that’s just too much fun to actually exist. And yet, one company is offering the bacon-obsessed a shot at applying for the greatest position in food history.

In what could be the ideal opening for a West Coast-based pork enthusiast, casual dining chain Farmer Boys is looking to hire what may be the world’s first “Bacon Intern”. The job requires one lucky individual to test three of the restaurant’s bacon-based menu items, all while offering critical feedback on the bacon itself. As if eating endless meat wasn’t enough, Farmer Boys are offering to pay interns $1,000 for the privilege. Bacon appetit. 

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In an official press release, Larry Rusinko, vice president and chief marketing officer of Farmer Boys, said that: 

“At Farmer Boys, we’re firm believers in customer feedback and listening to our guests, and we felt that hiring our first ever Bacon Intern would add another layer to that philosophy and help make our food as pork-tacular as it can be.”

“In addition to taste-testing some of our most popular existing menu items, we also plan to have the Bacon Intern try some of the exciting items we’re currently developing.”

Thrillist report that the three items under scrutiny are Farmer Boys’ Bacon Boy Cheeseburger, Farmer's Burger, and Farmer's Chopped Cobb Salad. Specifically, the Bacon Intern will be expected to rate “each strip of bacon for flavor and thickness [sic.]”, informing how the range can be improved moving forwards. Sounds tough. 

In order to be in with a shot of securing your place at one of the greatest paid pig outs in history, you will need to complete the application by the 20th of August. Candidates are required to post “a fun and engaging photo or video on their personal Instagram account explaining why they would be the best Bacon Intern for Farmer Boys. Applicants must tag ​@FarmerBoysFoods​ in the post and use the hashtag #FarmerBoysBaconIntern in their caption. Accounts must be set to public to be considered.”

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Farmer Boys also point out that the position itself is based in Southern California, and that any successful candidate will be responsible for getting themselves to the site. In the scheme of things, seems like a relatively small sacrifice.