Dunkaroos are officially coming back in 2020

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Australian wildlife has been in the news for all the wrong reasons recently. Tales of rehabilitated koalas and troubled wombats have inundated social media in the aftermath of the country’s devastating bushfires, making what was already a miserable start to the decade almost unbearable. 

Thankfully, however, at least one furry Aussie resident is responsible for bringing some much-needed joy to lunchboxes everywhere in the form of everyone’s favorite kangaroo-themed snack. Get ready to have a spring in your step - Dunkaroos are coming back!

The almost offensively Australian biscuits - which were promoted by a duo of outrageously-accented kangaroos so Aussie that they made Mick Dundee look like David Attenborough - were a staple of 90’s snacking. 

Each box came with a set of delicious buttery cookies and a small trough of icing, expertly designed to facilitate dunking. Like so many things in that decade, it was contrived to the point of brilliance. And then, in the 2010s, Dunkaroos were discontinued. 

This decision understandably left nostalgic snackers everywhere furious. However, as per an announcement from the brand on Twitter, the famous cookies will soon be making a comeback and are set to hit shelves in the next few months.

Not only has Dunkaroos got tongues wagging on Instagram with the creation of a brand new account, but the brand has also posted an unambiguous tweet, declaring that they are “Definitely coming back. Summer 2020.” Although further details are still thin on the ground, the news has certainly got fans everywhere licking their lips. 

This isn’t the first time that Dunkaroos have threatened to return. In 2018, what was later discovered to be a hoax went viral, after wishful fans mocked up some new designs to the classic boxes.

However, the official involvement of Dunkaroos social media accounts suggests that this time may be more than just wishful thinking. Here’s hoping that our lunches are about to get a lot more exciting.

This article originally appeared on VT.co