Dunkin' is now selling "Snakin' Bacon" packets that are literally just bacon

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Given the general state of planet earth, you could be forgiven for feeling a little faithless. It’s hard to sympathise with someone asking you to thank God when “corona” has quickly gone from being a beer to a deadly disease and the whole world is heating up faster than a perfectly matched Tinder date.

As it turns out, God does exist. And he, she or they are just as obsessed with bacon as the rest of us. Hallelujah!

In the most exciting thing to happen to breakfast since we discovered that chickens also poo out another type of food, America’s favourite doughnut-based fast-food franchise has decided to unleash a dish unlike anything else on the menu. Cutting out the middle man entirely, Dunkin’ this week unveiled its all-new Snackin’ Bacon. As the name suggests, it’s basically just bacon, in a bag. But it’s also so much more. 

Check out these incredible bacon hacks to take your bacon game to the next level:

The new crispy rashers come served in the sort of thin papery packet you might associate with a McDonald’s French fry. To see one stuffed with bits of crunchy cured pork instead of potato is enough to make a grown man weep. The meat is seasoned with a sprinkling of “sweet black pepper” - perfectly blending salty, spicy and sugary notes into an irresistible coating. Truly, heaven is a place on earth. 

As per a press release provided by Dunkin’, the new product is part of the brand’s bid to “sack the sad snacks”. As the company explains:

“For anyone who's seeking a satisfying snack but is stuck with a sad selection at their desk, office kitchen or vending machine, Dunkin' is adding some extra sizzle to its menu. Dunkin' today unveiled new Snackin' Bacon with Sweet Black Pepper seasoning to help on-the-go customers conquer their cravings without settling for tired and typical snacking choices.”

The press release also reveals that:

“...each order of Snackin' Bacon features eight half-slices of bacon specially flavored with Sweet Black Pepper seasoning for a sweet and savory combination offering a deliciously bold taste. Dunkin's Snackin' Bacon is served in a sleeve to make it easy to enjoy while on the go, any time of day.”

There might be many reasons to be miserable this February, but at least salvation can now be found at the bottom of a bag of bacon.