Dunkin' is serving up two types of cereal doughnuts

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Dunkin’ might claim to be America’s main morning fuel, but if its international releases are anything to go by, the motherland is getting short-changed. The latest in a long line of depressingly awesome options only available to customers outside the United States, Dunkin’s South Korea division has recently unveiled its interpretation of every five-year-old’s fantasy - a breakfast that combines cereal with doughnuts. 

The dish, which comes in two distinct varieties, has caused a splash online, as audiences outside South Korea wonder why it’s taken this long for us to enjoy the next logical step in breakfast evolution. Available in both “Frosted Flakes” and “Coco Pops” varieties, the only downside is that it doesn’t seem to be available outside Seoul. 

Watch Hugh take on Piña Colada Doughnuts in the latest episode of Food Palace:

According to fast food experts “Trend Hunter”, each doughnut offers a distinct eating experience. As the website explains:

“Just as the name suggests, Dunkin's new Cereal Donuts are two fluffy donuts encrusted with classic Kellogg's cereal pieces. There's a Frosted Flakes Donut that starts with a tart donut filled with milk cream in the middle, and finished with white icing and crushed Frosted Flakes cereal on the outside. 

“There's also a Cocoa Krispies Donut, which starts with a chewy chocolate ring donut that's covered in white icing and Cocoa Krispies cereal. The addition of cereal pieces of the outside gives both donuts a delightful crunch in every bite.”

Despite clearly being an exciting invention, additional information on the new is surprisingly difficult to come by. One slightly sceptical Twitter review declared:

“Is adding stale cereal more edible than sprinkles? I guess. The textures of a crispy topping with a tough chewy donut ring didn't work for me.”

Given this, we may have to reserve judgement on whether this is in fact the most awesome idea ever.