Edible fudge brownie batter is now a thing

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Say goodbye to playing fast and loose with potential food poisoning - eating brownie batter is about to become acceptable. A new release from famed bakery brand Nestlé Toll House promises to allow your inner five-year-old to run riot once again, providing edible fudge batter in 15 oz tubs. 

Cookie dough fans will remember that last year, the brand made their first foray into the tub game with the release of their first edible cookie doughs. Available in Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chip Monster and Peanut Butter flavours, fans were understandably excited about being actively encouraged to eat raw cookie mix. Nestlé is clearly hoping they haven’t lost any of their enthusiasm. 

The new brownie batter isn’t the only addition to the “raw” baking line-up. Also included is colourful Funfetti Cookie Dough, complete with candy sprinkles. Both tubs are expected to hit shelves in late January with a recommended retail price of $5.39. 

Check out this recipe for Cheesecake Brownie Sandwiches:

According to Samantha Set, associate brand manager at Nestlé Toll House, the new flavours are all about expanding the options available to any impatient baking enthusiast. As she explained in a press release accompanying the news:

“We wanted to expand our edible cookie dough offerings to make it even easier to enjoy your favorite dessert right out of the container. This expanded collection of Edible cookie doughs provide even more ways to create fun, lasting memories while snacking on your favorite treats - no baking needed!”

Although ordinary batters are off-limits thanks to the inclusion of raw flour, the fact that Nestlé Toll House has found a way to crack the formula should be a relief to anyone who’s had to admonish a cookie-mix-obsessed baking partner. Licking the spoons has always been the best bit about baking. Finally, someone has come up with a way to make it risk-free.