Four Spring Rolls

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BBQ pulled pork 


  1. Combine your pulled pork, minced red onion, and barbecue sauce.
  2. Rotate your spring roll wrapper 90 degrees, then put a spoonful of your pork mixture towards the bottom corner. 
  3. Add your carrot, cabbage, and white onion, then roll starting from the bottom, folding in the sides, then continuing to roll until you’ve just got a small amount of wrapper left. Brush the edges with the slurry, then seal. 
  4. Fry in vegetable oil until golden brown and crispy, then serve with a creamy dipping sauce. 


Mini teriyaki


  1. Combine your shredded chicken and teriyaki sauce, then set aside. 
  2. In another bowl, combine your cooked noodles, red cabbage, red onion, spring onions, sesame seeds, sesame oil, soy sauce, and chilli. 
  3. Cut your wrappers in half diagonally, placing the longest side towards you. Add a portion of your chicken and a portion of your noodles towards the bottom, fold over the edges, then roll. Again, seal with cornstarch slurry. 
  4. Fry in vegetable oil until golden brown and crispy, top with sesame seeds and spring onions, and serve with a dipping sauce.


Cajun bang bang


  1. Make your bang bang sauce by combining kewpie mayo, sriracha, hot sweet chilli sauce, lime, honey, rice vinegar, and smoked paprika. Pour half over your cajun spiced prawns. 
  2. Roll up in your spring roll wrapper, seal with cornstarch slurry, and fry until golden brown. 
  3. Serve with your remaining bang bang sauce drizzled over, and sliced spring onions. 


Giant Jalapeno popper


  1. Combine your shredded chicken, cream cheese, bacon, mozzarella, and jalapenos. 
  2. Place a third of your mixture in your spring roll wrapper, roll, and seal with cornstarch slurry. 
  3. Fry until golden, and serve with a spicy green dipping sauce. Enjoy!