Galaxy Enchanted Eggs Cheesecake Egg Pots

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Serves 4.

1. Split the large egg in half with a sharp knife so you
have two halves.

2. Crumble the digestive biscuits and mix with the
butter then scatter them on the bottom of the egg
halves. Place them in the fridge while you make
the cream cheese filling.

3. Make sure your cream cheese is room
temperature. Add the caster sugar, lemon juice
and vanilla extract then whisk to combine. Make
sure the sugar has completely mixed into the
cream cheese.

4. Add the double cream and whisk thoroughly until
the mixture stiffens.

5. Place the mixture into the piping bag and pipe into
egg halves or if you don’t have one carefully
spoon into the egg and smooth off with a spatula.

6. Decorate with Galaxy Enchanted Eggs and caramel sauce.