"Giants" Skittles are coming to the UK

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Anyone who’s grown up with the crunchy, irresistibly fruity choking hazard that is “Skittles” knows that size isn’t everything. You can offer audiences the biggest sweets in the world, but if they don’t deliver on flavour, they’re doomed. 

On the flip side, anyone with a crippling case of mikrophobia might find the idea of an open packet of ordinary Skittles equally unappealing. Fortunately, we can now have the best of both worlds, with none of the drawbacks. Step forward, “Skittles Giants”.

Three times the size of regular Skittles, the new sweets are a serious step-change for a brand that has made small snacks something of a signature. Despite featuring the same flavours as an ordinary Skittles bag, the Giants have been specially designed with a bigger softer centre to aid eating. As a product description on Sainsbury’s explains:

“Have you ever tried catching the upside down rainbow? We have…and you'll find it in this Skittles Giants sweets. Skittles Giants are 3x bigger with the same crunchy shell and bigger soft centre with a bright explosion of fruity flavours. This Skittles sharing size bag is a chance to share all of that sweetness with friends, family or coworkers.”

In a separate statement, Victoria Gell, portfolio director at parent company Mars Wrigley, said:

“We’re thrilled to announce the launch of new Skittles Giants, a product that we feel satisfies shoppers’ desire for variety, whilst delivering true innovation.

“Consumer testing has been hugely positive and through our media and in-store support we are aiming to generate huge excitement, that will drive purchase. I can’t wait for people to try them.”

With 170g sharing pouches set to retail for between £1.35 and £1.45, there’s never been a better excuse to stock up on new sweeties.